A Marriage Worth Sticking It Out

My husband left this sticky note on my medicine cabinet mirror.

It was a reply to a sticky note I had left on his medicine cabinet mirror which read, “Thank you for emptying the dishwasher and filling my car up with gas.”

Certainly these are not the sweet love notes of those thrilling days of yesteryear. But after 21 years of marriage, four homes, two children, countless pets and one chronic illness, I believe we have found a different kind of romance.

Love on a sticky note is a perfect encapsulation of all that we are. We are practical, we are dependable, we are tried-and-true. In this age of hoverboards and life-like robots, sticky notes certainly wouldn’t be considered cutting edge.

But simple works for us. These little notes of love, of appreciation, remind us in big ways that ours is a marriage worth sticking it out.

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