Writing About Real Life

This is what it’s like to write about real life when you have older children.

The writing may be strong, the topic timely, the content unique. It makes no difference.

Everything I write is screened first by my very own in-house editorial team comprised of my eighteen-year-old son and my sixteen-year-old daughter.

In truth, I consider it a privilege to share my work with them first.

I write often about my teenagers, about the challenges and pressures they face, as well as the many milestone moments of their young lives.

I strive for truth and transparency in everything I write. A reader should expect nothing less. However, I am first and foremost someone’s mom, and my most important responsibility is to my children.

To protect their hearts from any hurt I may unintentionally inflict with my words.

To respect their boundaries and their desire to guard some of the more personal aspects of their lives.

To safeguard the integrity of our relationship and ensure trust is fortified and never compromised.

The internet has a long memory, and in some instances it is better to write less, or write nothing at all, rather than risk causing harm.

This is how you write about real life with older children, when the audience that matters most happens to be the audience with the most to lose.

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