Missing The Music

I’m a member of an online group for parents of teens, college kids and young adults. Our kids are about to leave the nest or have already flown. A few of us are empty nesters.

Today a fellow member of this online community asked the entire group what we miss most about our sons or daughters.

The question made me think about all the things I miss since my son left for college. I miss his strong teen-boy hugs. I miss how he tells me I’m beautiful when I’ve dragged myself into the kitchen early in the morning still half asleep. I miss his cheerful nature and the way he finds the best in every situation. I miss watching him love our dog. I miss seeing him and his sister bond over a silly video on YouTube.

But one of the things I miss most of all is his music.

My son plays the guitar. When he’s bored or stressed he’ll grab his guitar and play a tune by Billy Joel, The Beatles or Paul Simon. He learned Richie Sambora’s signature guitar solo on “Wanted Dead or Alive” just because he knows it’s my favorite.

I love listening to him play that guitar. Sometimes I would stop whatever I was doing and stand at the bottom of the stairs to listen to him play.

I didn’t want to miss a single note.

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