Create Something Beautiful

I purchased this tree 15 years ago when we moved into our first home. It traveled with us when we eventually moved into our current home.

The tree now stands in our chilly front hallway, in an inglorious spot next to the closet door. It’s never thrived. I’ve cut away many yellow and wilting leaves over the years. Family members have urged me to get rid of it.

But I’ve held on to this tree for 15 years because it reminds me of the excitement of owning that first home, of decorating the rooms and spaces my children played in as babies and toddlers.

And then today I discovered this. A flowering shoot growing between the thin leaves. It is surprising how happy this makes me. It’s a reminder to me that some things just can’t be rushed.

We bloom in our own time.

And it’s never too late to create something beautiful.

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