Sharing Their Whole Heart

This is a photo of my two big kids. Over the years they have had their share of disagreements and squabbles. I know for sure they’ve often irritated one another. These two young adults are very different people, they always have been. And I’ve sometimes worried about the strength of their sibling bond.

Then this happened. My son surprised the entire family and flew in from college just to see his sister off to her high school junior prom. He’ll be home for less than 24 hours. But he’s an accomplished photographer, and he wanted to make sure she had beautiful photos to remember this day. He wanted to make sure it would be special for her.

Our young children may not always be perfect playmates, as teens they may be occasionally cantankerous with one another. But a bond grows over all those years siblings share a home and a life. They learn in time to nurture one another and cheer each other on.

They say siblings share half their genes.

But when I look at this photo I see they share their whole heart.

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