A Beautiful Thing To See

My son recently visited my mom before his return to college.

Shortly after he left her house my mom began texting me that she was finding tiny hand-written notes everywhere, notes my son had hidden in every room.

One of those notes, tucked away inside her makeup case, said simply, “Why are you so beautiful.”

It’s something my son says to his grandma all the time. It’s really not a question. Rather, it’s a declaration.

My mom jokes he must need glasses because obviously he can’t see her wrinkles.

But my son doesn’t need glasses. He knows she’s stunning. Because when we love someone, truly and fully, our vision requires no correction.

Tiny flaws become blurred. Imperfections become peripheral.

What’s in crystal-clear focus is how we feel when we’re with that person. How we want that person to feel when they’re with us. And how we want that person to feel about us after we leave.

That’s the kind of love my son and his grandma share. It’s the kind of love that survives the passage of years. It’s strong and it’s lasting.

And it’s a beautiful thing to see.

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