That Is Grace

My son’s college just announced that this year’s graduation will be held virtually.

He texted to let me know so we could cancel our hotel reservation. The reservation we first made over a year ago and then kept changing as the academic calendar was amended due to the pandemic.

He is my oldest, and I was looking so forward to his commencement ceremony.

But my disappointment is nothing compared to how he must be feeling. He has worked so hard to get to this point.

And the disappointments just keep coming for these kids. Cancelled graduations, lost sports seasons, virtual everything, social isolation.

When I told my son how sorry I was, how I understand how sad he must be, he responded that as long as he could take pictures in his robe with his friends, it would be okay.

That is grace.

These kids are showing up with so much grace. They’re accommodating and acclimating. They’re sad but they’re carrying on. They are doing their very best to study and engage from the confines of bedrooms and dorm rooms.

These kids are spectacular in every way.

They need to hear this from us more often.

And if I can safely travel to Pittsburgh this May, I’m showing up for my son. I’ll be there to take that photo of him in his robe, standing next to his friends.

And I’ll be sure to tell them all just how truly spectacular they are.

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